Tacoma History Keepers! Focus Group

The University of Washington Libraries and Ethnic Heritage Council of the Pacific Northwest, along with the Washington State History Museum are proposing a Tacoma We Are History Keepers! workshop to take place in September 2018.  In preparation of the workshop, we invite members of Tacoma’s ethnic communities to attend a focus group to discuss content of the workshop on Monday, February 26, 2018 at Slavonian Hall, 2306 N 30th St, Tacoma from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Community members are invited to participate and share perspectives on how the planned workshop can help preserve the history of Tacoma ethnic communities and organizations. 

Background on the We Are History Keepers! Workshops

Since 2016, the University of Washington Libraries and the Ethnic Heritage Council have partnered to create We Are History Keepers!  – an ongoing series of workshops on preserving the cultural and historical experiences of ethnic communities and families. The free, day-long workshops are hosted in communities around the Puget Sound in collaboration with local ethnic and historical associations.  Workshop sessions are led by archivists and information specialists from the University of Washington Libraries and other organizations who teach best practices and help build skills for preserving historical records.  Sessions range from preserving documents, photographs, audio/visual and digital records, as well as collecting oral histories, creating exhibits, and conducting research on community history in the region.

Pre-workshop Focus Groups

In order to prepare workshops sessions that truly meet the needs of communities, we co-create each We Are History Keepers! workshop with a particular community through a series of conversations and meetings.  One important meeting is a focus group that is held several months before the workshop. The focus group is a meeting of representatives from the community and ethnic organizations who can speak to the interests and needs of their groups.  Archivists, librarians, and members of the Ethnic Heritage Council lead the focus group through a series of questions to learn about current and past projects, as well as what people are interested in learning in the workshop.  We also ask members of the focus group to help spread the word about the upcoming workshop through their organization’s mailing lists and newsletters.

We Are History Keepers – Tacoma partners